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Get rewarded with BOSS BRICKSTER POINTS. Redeem them in the BOSS BRICKSTER REWARDS SHOP to get available items discounted up to 100% off. In checkout apply increments of 100 Points in the “Points to Discount converter”.

It’s really easy to to get free points for having fun participating:

Get 100 Points for registering/becoming a member, 1 time only

Get 100 Points for yearly anniversary being a member, 1 time every year

Get 5 Points for adding a new profile avatar image, 1 per month limit

Get 5 Points for adding a new profile cover image, 1 per month limit

Get 1 Point for making a new post, 3 per day limit / -1 Point for a Post deletion

Get 1 Point for “LIKES/ REACTIONS” to content, 8 per day limit / -1 Point for a comment deletion

Get 1 Point for making new comment on a post, 8 per day limit / -1 Point for a reaction deletion

Get 10 Points for each completed signup through your personal referral AFFILIATE LINK

Get Points for participating in BOSS BRICKSTER promotions. Points will vary per promotion

Get Points for items from the REWARDS SHOP when checked out with applied points, money or both

APPLYING POINTS AT SHOP CHECKOUT: Loyalty Points balance can be redeemed in the BOSS BRICKSTER REWARDS SHOP. Check out the growing selection of items. Apply your accumulated points in increments of 100 in the Rewards Shop checkout up 100% OFF the full price of the contents in checkout. Points differ per item. You can also just buy using points. In case you do not have enough points, You can pay the remainder/balance with PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card.

PERSONAL AFFILIATE REFERRAL LINK: Referrals must complete sign up registration and email verification, must be a new first time signup or not already have an existing account. Limit one point per IP address. This feature does not work on referrals that hide their IP address or use proxy that hide their IP address.

COMPETITIONS, CONTESTS & PROMOTIONS: Points can also be achieved by participating in BOSS BRICKSTER promotions like Competitions, Contests, Draws, YouTube unboxing videos etc.

*BOSS BRICKSTER Loyalty Points amount per individual item and checkout conversions rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

* NOT ALL items in the BOSS BRICKSTER REWARDS SHOP are available to be checked out by applying Points.

*BOSS BRICKSTER Loyalty Points CAN NOT be applied to taxes if applicable, shipping and anything else.

*BOSS BRICKSTER Loyalty Points has no cash value.

*Refer to CUSTOMER CARE and the “LOYALTY POINTS” section in this site’s TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Updated March 21, 2024.