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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Please contact us by email:

THE BOSS RWARDS BRICKSTER SHOP: Feel free to browse, enter items to cart and bid for items in auction. Items and Auction winnings are shown in the cart. Pay for items in the PayPal secure checkout. Items will be packed and shipped. Tracking will be provided.

Shop listings: Show items that can be purchased. Images colors may vary slightly or barely noticeable due to lighting and your screen output. We try our best to take accurate images.

Auction listings: Show items that you can bid on. The highest bidder wins. Enter bids to participate in auctions. Proxy bids allow you to submit your maximum bid amount. The auction system automatically bids on your behalf to outbid other bidders until your maximum proxy amount runs or the auction time ends. Maximum proxy amounts once entered are committed and irreversible. Won auctions accumulate and appear in the cart and must be paid within 86 hours or it will be canceled, made void and null. Canceled auctions listings will be automatically relisted by the system I when payments are not paid on time before the deadline.

Shipping costs displayed in listing: Empty the cart to show the shipping cost for only the displayed product, otherwise the combined shipping cost will be calculated and shown instead if there is more than one product in the cart.

Shipping costs displayed in cart & checkout: Combined shipping cost will be calculated and shown for the total amount of products.

Product prices: We base prices on current going collector rates and the expense to replace the items. We do our best to bring access to international collectors by offering payment with BOSS BRICKSTER POINTS for just participating in this community. At checkout products can be payed for with Boss Brickster Points alone, partial payment using points and money or pay just with money.

CURRENCY USED: Currently all prices this shop is in United States Dollars (USD).

PAYING WITH POINTS: Only registered users, users that have signed up to have an account can access this Site’s loyalty rewards program to get points and apply then as discount for purchase on check out.

Purchases can be made with in part or in full for shop items with money and/or loyalty points through Papal checkout. Applicable shipping and taxes can only be paid with Money only via PayPal.

Loyalty points can be redeemed/applied as a discount in part and/or in full for the full value of the item or items in the cart on checkout. BOSS Points CAN’T be applied to pay shipping and tax. Shipping and tax can only be paid with $ money through PayPal checkout.

PAYPAL SECURE CHECKOUT: Shop Secure with PayPal Goods & Services. Payment can be made with your PayPal account and also with credit and debit cards.

NO RETURNS: We do not offer returns at this time. All sales are final.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: The items you purchase will be shipped in secure parcels. Packages are shipped with tracking and insurance.  Alternative shipping couriers may be used other than what has been shown in the item or auction listings and/or on checkout. Shipping costs include the cost of courier fees, packaging material, labor, time and other related expenses.

Handling Time: We usually submit shipments to couriers and provide tracking within 3 business days.

General shipping times estimates:
United States & Canada: Usually 3 to 10 business days. (mostly within 8)

Atlantic Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Portugal & Spain): Usually with 5 to15 business days. (mostly within 10)

Worldwide: 5 to 28 business days depending on destination. (mostly within 22)

Extra time may be needed in the event of delays like customs clearance, seasonal busyness, unusual weather conditions, postal strikes, pandemic lockdowns, civil unrest, war and any other unexpected issues.

NATIONAL TAX: Canada: HST NUMBER: 702952805RT0001

INTERNATIONAL TAXES / IMPORT DUTY: We do not charge tax to customers outside of Canada. Buyers who buy from us paying with money and/or points are responsible for any applicable or if applicable import duty, taxes and/or associated fees on delivery. Contact your customs agency for complete and accurate information.

WARNING & CHILD SAFETY: Building toy sets and other toys in this shop contain small parts that are a choking hazard and can cause health issues if eaten. It is your responsibility as a parent, legal guardian and/or adult to determine appropriate and suitable products for a children and other persons.

PURCHASE & SHIPPING ISSUES: Contact us by email: Provide us with your invoice number. Describe the issue with as much detail as possible. Provide us with  images and videos. All this information is required in the event a shipping insurance claim needs be made with the courier.

Solutions may be done by exchange, sending a replacement, sending replacement parts and/or any other reasonable remedy including refund at our discretion. Due to the nature of the business we do not offer returns at this time. All sales are final.