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The announcement post for this promotion is pinned to the top of the activity stream. This post will be updated to present the winning number results after they become available.

Please join in on this community, load up a profile avatar, make posts, comments, emoji reactions and more competitions on the way. Get free loyalty points to redeem for free items.  Feel free to browse and search through the menus. We are just getting started. Thanks 


1)  Everyone gets one free number pick on this entry gateway listing before the deadline of Tuesday March 28, 2023 12:00 PM noon Eastern Standard Time. 

2) Pick 5 numbers. Come up with a 5 digit number using 0 to 9. Example: 52860

3) Press ” Participate now for free” button to add your entry to cart. (refer to first image in gallery).

4) Go to the checkout. Look for the “Additional information – Order Notes” box (refer to the second image in gallery). Scroll down on mobile phone or look to the right side of the check out screen on desktop.

Type in your made up 5 digit straight numbers you picked (pick from 0 to 9) into the “Additional information – Order Notes” box. Example: 76539

5) Incase no 5 digit number is added to the “Additional information – Order Notes” box,  The Entry number default to 5 digit Order # that is created automatically.  Example Order# 10789

6) Fill in the information form if it is not filled in already.

7) Check the box to indicate that you read and agree with Terms and Conditions.

8) Press “Place order” button. It is Free there is $0 cost. Your ticket order is now entered and you will get an email verifying your entry. Please update your email settings so that emails from this set do not go to junk mail.

WINNING NUMBERS: We will be using the winning number results that are scheduled to be made available on Wednesday March 29, 2023 in this link: To win your straight numbers must exactly match the straight number result that will be available in the link above . Example: If the winning result drawn is 76539. The winning contestant who picked the exact straight numbers 76539 wins.

*Residents of Canada ONLY, must also answer this skill test question to win: 16 + 2 divided by 9 – 1 multiplied by 100 = ?

WINNERS: Winners have 7 days to claim their free prize by making a comment on the ANNOUNCEMENT POST pinned to top of the activity stream and declare they won and state their choice prize from the AVAILABLE PRIZES. In case there is more than one winner the first declared winner that claims their choice prize gets it first. The second declared winner gets to choose from the remaining prizes afterwards and then the Third winner gets their turn and so on…..

Prizes are shared between Promotions and the Reward shop. The list of prizes is subject to change because promotions will overlap therefore winners may claim a prize when the next promotion has started. Also prizes may be redeemed in the Reward shop at the same time.

Once the winner’s entry is checked, confirmed and complete, arrangements will be made to send the prize. Prizes will only be sent to the name and address that is on the initial Entry Order form that was sent out by email. No exceptions.

DEADLINE TO CLAIM PRIZE: This promotion post will be closed, muted and unpinned from top of the activity stream after 7 days from when the winning results are posted all entries for this promotion are deemed expired, null and void.

Participants must declare winning and claim a prize before the deadline. No exceptions. Sorry we do not have the resources to be chasing people and the trouble that comes with it.

You must read and be in agreement with and abide to this site’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Please take extra consideration to Section 15. of the Terms and Conditions for Promotions.

* All promotions and giveaways on this site including this one are not available to residents of the province of Quebec, Canada. We are not yet registered with the Province of Quebec to accept tax and remit tax on the value of prizes and giveaways required by Quebec law. Please accept our sincere apologies to everyone affected.